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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Post Apocalyptic Robotech Fantasy Mash-up

I posted the Rob Sato "Inspirational Artwork" as my first post for just that reason. It was running into the first picture in the post below, while traversing the Inter-webs, that inspired me to want to get off my ass (though I suppose blogging doesn't exactly get one off their ass now does it) and actually start a blog. Something I have avoided for many years now. Not out of some Luddite inspired hatred of modern technologies but because it borders too closely to what I do for a living and I felt compelled to keep work and "play" separate. But no more.

The decrepit and dilapidated Valkyrie style robots got me thinking about a fantasy / post-apocalyptic world where crashed space-craft fill the role of ancient fortresses and dungeons for the players to explore. One would just need to track down the old Palladium Macross II Deck Plan books and you would have a treasure trove of dungeons to populate with nefarious villains and monster hordes. Actually, I think I may have some Jovian Chronicles "Ships of the Fleet" books filed away somewhere. I may have to go dig them out.

It would be a world where a farmers horse-drawn wagon could be made out of the chassis of some long rusted-out car. Where giant, sentinel robots are used as scaffolding for villages to build watchtowers or windmills (think Valley of the Wind). A world where ancient, alien technology can still be found and harnessed. Junk Punk meets weird-fantasy.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Inspirational Imagery: Rob Sato

Check out more of his work at: