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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Solidifying the Mash

The Rob Sato inspired mash-up setting was originally supposed to be a simple experiment to get this blog rolling. But as usual I can't leave well enough alone. The idea has expanded and is going to garner further exploration. My own attempts to simplify the mad ramblings of the previous post has spun my thoughts off into a new and I think more interesting direction.

Junk Punk meets Weird-Fantasy is how I classified this mash-up. Spacecraft as dungeons. A post-apocalyptic, junk-culture with a fantasy RPG slant. But, no more Robotech. So, where did all the spacecraft, giant robots and alien technology come from? Martians - 1950s-style martians.

I am going to be taking stuff from history, movies and books. Beginning of the timeline below (will tweak as I progress):

1938 - War of the Worlds docudrama broadcasted to cover-up failed "Martian" invasion - Area 51 established at Groom Lake, Nevada - military scientists begin reverse engineering alien technology

1941 - Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, Manhattan Project begun

1945 - First A-bomb tested near Alamagordo, New Mexico

1950 - the US population was 150,697,999 and the world population was approximately 2.3 billion

1951 - Atomic energy to generate electrical power: Arcon, Idaho

1952 - Hydrogen Bomb tested at Eniwetok Atoll

1954 - much bigger one at Bikini Island

1955 - Finney's Mill, California - first "Martian Pod People" invasion

1957 - The Space Age - Soviet "Sputnik 1" satellite launched - US Vanguard explodes on the launch pad a few weeks later (caused by "Martian" infiltrators)

1958 - Laser, invented by Townes & Schawlow

1960 - the US population was 179,323,000 and the world population was approximately 2.5 billion - 0.1% (about 250,000) of world population replaced by "Martian Pod People" many of whom are in key positions of power

1962 - full-scale "Martian" invasion begins during the grand conjunction on February 4, the "Martian Wars" have begun


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