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Monday, December 5, 2011

Here be Dwarves

Dwarves are renowned for their outgoing and oft times boisterous attitudes. They are also know to be shrewd hagglers who "know the value" of precious metals and gems. For these reasons they are natural merchants. Dwarves are nearly as wide as the are tall, averaging a height of approximately four feet and a weight of nearly 11 stones (150 - 160 pounds). Due to their short stature dwarves cannot wield two-handed weapons or longbows. Their skin, hair and eye colors tend toward the drab side of the spectrum. With many a dwarf being described as "mossy" or "earthen" in appearance.

Dwarves live in cliff or cave dwellings known as cairns. These structures house every aspect of dwarven society, with each building being built one atop the other. Thus, allowing their private living quarters to be hidden deep within a complex network of rooms, tunnels, staircases, walls and ladders. These living conditions have resulted in dwarves having a 2 in 6 (roll a 1 or 2 on 1d6) chance of detecting traps, false walls, hidden construction, or noticing if passages are sloped. Dwarves must be actively searching for these abilities to function.

In addition to these abilities, dwarves have infravision up to 60 feet and have a strong resistance to magic, as reflected in their saving throws. Further, a dwarf character will speak the trade language (common), dwarvish, and his own alignment language. Because of their frequent interaction with underground creatures, dwarves will also speak goblin, myconid, and kobold.

Saving throws, classes and skill adjustments are the same as those listed in the Labyrinth Lord Advanced Edition Companion with the following changes:

Assassin - 9, OUT

Monk - 9, IN (again, probably not keeping the name Monk but it will suffice for now)


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