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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Keep Them Engines Rollin'

For a long while I have had in the back of my head a steampunk-ish campaign. (I didn't even realize how "long" I've been bouncing around the idea until I checked the date on the logo I made - above - and saw I originally made it in '04.)

As you can see from the logo, I call it Fey Engine. The idea being that all the steampunky "tech" in the setting will be powered by fairies - fairies encased in amber or trapped in glass jars and used as batteries that is. To ease the process for myself I had the thought the other day of using the Cyberpunk 2020 book as a template. I will follow it page by page and convert it into a steampunk/fantasy setting. So the Rocker will become a bard like class, the Solo is the fighter class, etc. The biggest divergence being that netrunning will be replaced by magic. (Though I am contemplating a way to convert it into a kind of astral realm that magic-users enter and thereby effect the material world. Thus "programs" can be converted into "spells" and would be a more direct conversion. Just can't remember if netrunning was a broken system or if it functioned reasonably well...)

I think it will be an interesting experiment and I look forward to converting cyberware into fey-powered, magical accoutrements.

I am not abandoning my '50s scifi/fantasy mash-up setting. I will just bounce between the two. Posting on whichever topic moves me on a particular day.


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